About individual and couple counselling/psychotherapy

There could be various reasons behind considering counselling or psychotherapy.
You may be concerned about future decision making, having relationship difficulties, going through crises in your personal or working life or perhaps you may be experiencing overwhelming feelings of sadness, isolation, anger, anxiety or shame. 
Counselling/psychotherapy offers you an opportunity to explore these feelings in a safe and caring environment. 
Through working therapeutic relationship based on trust and respect, my aim would be to understand what it is like for you to be met with difficulties in life. 
I can assist you by offering non-judgemental understanding and support but also give constructive challenges so you can find the way forward what feels right for you. 

Being in a relationship can be a wonderful experience but there are times when it can also be a very challenging one.  My aim in working with a couple experiencing difficulties or crisis is in offering safe, supportive space to explore differences, enabling couple to get a clearer point of view on what is triggering strong emotional response and sometimes unhelpful behavior patterns, thereafter looking into ways how to manage these.  My aim is not only about helping to cope with current crisis, but also to work in collaboration with a couple to identify strengths and skills which can be drawn upon in the future conflict if needed. 

Sometimes couples entering into or throughout therapy process may come to conclusion to part.  My aim would be then to support a couple through this process, looking into ways how to do so amicably and respectfully.    

I believe that counselling is a way of reducing confusion and it can help you to discover your inner strength and confidence.  It offers you an opportunity to gain better self-awareness and acceptance of yourself and others so you can lead more rewarding and fulfilling life.

Please feel free to find out further information from the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy